Crafting Season

Baby Blanket & Shawl

It’s crafting season.  So many projects to finish for Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas.  Currently, I am making a Robot costume; crocheting and knitting scarves, hats, mittens & shawls; and creating ceramic gifts.  I have designed my Christmas Card and will be printing them up soon, too.  I also have a plan for some baked goodies to send along with all this to my family around the country.  In addition to this, I have a new job.  Not my own crafting center, but the next best thing.

I am working for Michael’s Crafts.  Awesome opportunity to get experience working in craft retail and training.  It is just seasonal, but it keeps me going through Christmas.

It is all in His Hands.  I trust the Lord to find me the life that will best serve Him while also providing an outlet for my passion of creativity.

About Crooked Creek Crafts

Sherri Anne Miller started Crooked Creek Crafts to display and sell homemade crafts of all types but it evolved into a blog spot for my current life and my crafts.
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