A Call to Freedom

A young man born 322 years ago today, fought hard and long for our freedom from the terrany of English rule.  "No Taxation without representation" was the call to arms that sent these REVOLUTIONARIES to war for FREEDOM.  I am at War for my FREEDOM.  I am at war against all the nay sayers that tell me I have to work a certain way to earn a certain pay.  I am at war against the lack of FAITH that has consumed all of us until we are no longer able to see beyond the status quo.  Are we the children of these REVOLUTIONARIES? What happened to our SPIRIT our SPUNK? Why do we cow tow to the status quo and keep doing jobs we hate for little money with which we can’t even pay our bills?  NO MORE!!! That is my new motto.  I won’t spend even one more day doing something I don’t absolutely LOVE.  My God sent His Son to Earth to die for me so that I would be FREE!  How can I presume to nail myself on the cross by taking the burden of sacrifice upon myself when he has sacrificed enough for all eternity.  I don’t mean not to share, or help others.  I mean sacrificing for the sake of self martyrdom that we have been told we must do by the STATUS QUO!!!.  I don’t have to sacrifice.  I can give freely of my time and wealth that has been given to me by the ultimate sacrifice made by God when he sent Jesus to save me and you.  Give freely,  love freely, live freely, work happily free to do the work that your God given talents are calling you to do.  Don’t settle for one more day for the STATUS QUO!!!

About Crooked Creek Crafts

Sherri Anne Miller started Crooked Creek Crafts to display and sell homemade crafts of all types but it evolved into a blog spot for my current life and my crafts. www.crookedcreekcrafts.com
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1 Response to A Call to Freedom

  1. cindy says:

    Sherri,well said! God has a wonderful plan of creativity for you!!!

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