Still Crafting

I have been busily crocheting and knitting. I find I have an affinity to design and make baby and children’s hats, scarves, and booties, etc. Also I am making various styles of handy tote & beach bags. I will upload some new pictures soon.

I again apologize for not keeping this blog fresh. I have been going through a bout of depression over my unemployment status. I have been lucky enough to get two good interviews for jobs recently, that I would have enjoyed and been excellent doing. Yet, I didn’t get either of them. Even the one that I was asked to apply for by the hiring person.

The other I had prayed and prayed for, then it seemed to materialize exactly as asked. The hiring manager liked me right away, but then after a second interview that also seemed to go well, I wasn’t hired. I don’t even know what to pray for anymore. This was so disappointing and re-enforced my feelings of desperation and loss. It is sad for everybody how bad the work market is now.

I have done all kinds of work, and am willing and able to do anything, but have been praying for work I could love doing and that would give me a sense of accomplishment and not be overly stressful. I would like to work with good people in a fun and peaceful environment. I would like to work with autonomy as I am excellent at self motivation and meeting deadlines without being micro managed. I still hope to find a way to have the dream job I wrote about a few months ago, but right now I just need a job. If I can’t work full time as a crafter blogger, then I need a regular paycheck. I have no idea why I was taunted with such a great possibility of a job just to be denied it. It was exactly what I had prayed–a job close to home, where I would work on my own but have lots of contact with people. It was also creative with a monthly newsletter, calendar, etc. to create and yet, I didn’t get it. I have done this job before in so many ways and would have been such an asset to them. Why? I keep wondering why? didn’t I get this job?

I wasn’t able to dwell on this thought right after it happened as I was on a temporary job for Mother’s Day week working taking orders for a florist shop.  That was a lot of fun and I was good at it.  It reminded me that I am still a quick learner and good at talking to customers, multi-tasking, and handling multiple programs and personalities at one time.  It was exhilerating and exhausting.  I have rested the past few days as I peruse want ads looking for the next opportunity for work.  Nothing has materialized.  So here I am, wondering why? why? why? didn’t I get that job that appeared so perfect an answer to my prayers at that time.

I have to believe that it was a mere shadow of the real job Jesus has prepared for me.  I am willing to do whatever God sets before me to do, but also expecting He will guide me to the utmost if I am patient and keep faith in HIS divine wish for my happiness and success.  I will find a job that exceeds even my dream job if I just remember, it is His will not mine that creates all good things in life.  I have the power through HIM to create the life I desire and even more so.  So I prayerfully praise and exult the Lord of all that is good and right.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Thank you Lord for the wonderful life you have given me and the new and wondrous path you are creating for me now.  Guide me with a bright light to the choices you would choose for me.  In Jesus name, Amen.

About Crooked Creek Crafts

Sherri Anne Miller started Crooked Creek Crafts to display and sell homemade crafts of all types but it evolved into a blog spot for my current life and my crafts.
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