Dream Job

I started a new job a few months ago, but it is not really new. It is the same job I have done over and over and over again. Bookkeeping for a small business with limited funds, no benefits, and low pay. It is hard stressful work without promise or promotion available. I just don’t want this kind of job anymore. Just as I don’t want the big corporate accounting job anymore.

I started this blog when I broke away from this job the last time to start my crafts business and blog my arts, life and faith. I have, since starting this new version of my old job, gained 10 pounds, raised my blood pressure again, stopped going to the gym, stopped blogging and now feel trapped. I can’t afford not to work, but I can’t afford to work like this anymore either. So I have been pondering….what would my dream job be?

I have only one thing in my life outside of my home that I love to do; it is my ceramics class. I love the fellowship and artistic creativity. I just wish I could go more often and spend more time in a similar way. I first went to ceramics classes in the garage of a woman’s home in Minnesota and again later another in Caliornia. These women had a business in their home and their lives were full of ceramic molds, clay, shelves, kilns and artists running in and out all day long. While this would be too chaotic for my home, I would love to have a business doing this nearby. I would like a small store to sell end products, bisque, paint and glaze supplies, etc. and a studio for classes and of course the pouring and kiln room.

Then I thought, in addition I would like a potter’s studio and an art studio for painting classes and soft textiles class room or knitting, crochet, macrame, sewing, quilting and lastly furniture restoration room for restoring or repurposing old furniture. This studio-store-school-gallery would be my dream job. Yes there would still be the need for bookkeeping, but bookkeeping for my own business would not be so bad. Especially since I would hire someone else to do it! I wouldn’t want to be so caught up in the accounting of the business that I was once again taken away from the arts and crafts. Though having the business background would benefit me in making sure my bookkeeper was doing it well honestly.

As I prayed and pondered about this dream job and business, I also accepted my limited resources to create such a place. I thought, well there is a place similar to this, the Art Center of Manatee has classes and a store. So I am hoping for a job opening at the store. If they hired me, I could at least work around this type of place. Of course, if I should win the lottery, I would open my store, school, studio, gallery. I would offer low cost classes and supplies to help people to be able to afford to explore their creativity. I am not about making money, I am about making art and having the freedom to do this for a living. I don’t need a bunch of money to live, I just need enough to pay my bills and buy supplies. But I need a lot of freedom to express my inner artist and to pursue my crafts. I love so many crafts.

Dream Job….Crooked Creek Crafts…Studio, Gallery and Shop…Classes available, walk ins welcome.

About Crooked Creek Crafts

Sherri Anne Miller started Crooked Creek Crafts to display and sell homemade crafts of all types but it evolved into a blog spot for my current life and my crafts. www.crookedcreekcrafts.com
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