A Call to Freedom

A young man born 322 years ago today, fought hard and long for our freedom from the terrany of English rule.  "No Taxation without representation" was the call to arms that sent these REVOLUTIONARIES to war for FREEDOM.  I am at War for my FREEDOM.  I am at war against all the nay sayers that tell me I have to work a certain way to earn a certain pay.  I am at war against the lack of FAITH that has consumed all of us until we are no longer able to see beyond the status quo.  Are we the children of these REVOLUTIONARIES? What happened to our SPIRIT our SPUNK? Why do we cow tow to the status quo and keep doing jobs we hate for little money with which we can’t even pay our bills?  NO MORE!!! That is my new motto.  I won’t spend even one more day doing something I don’t absolutely LOVE.  My God sent His Son to Earth to die for me so that I would be FREE!  How can I presume to nail myself on the cross by taking the burden of sacrifice upon myself when he has sacrificed enough for all eternity.  I don’t mean not to share, or help others.  I mean sacrificing for the sake of self martyrdom that we have been told we must do by the STATUS QUO!!!.  I don’t have to sacrifice.  I can give freely of my time and wealth that has been given to me by the ultimate sacrifice made by God when he sent Jesus to save me and you.  Give freely,  love freely, live freely, work happily free to do the work that your God given talents are calling you to do.  Don’t settle for one more day for the STATUS QUO!!!
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The Best Things

The best things in life are the things we do for creativity.  Our Crafts, Art, Music or other Hobbies are what tend to bring us to a place of contemplation and peace.  We are free in that moment to make whatever we fancy in our imagination to the full extent of our talents and abilities.  Only in these creative moments do we find our true center and joy escaping our usual life and expectations.  We are truly free!  Creativity equals freedom to fly on the wings Heaven has provided.  A wise old soul in the form of my young son said that sometimes when the wind is blowing, he can feel it ruffling the feathers of his wings and it makes him cry that they aren’t still growing out of his back.  If we have all come down to Earth to a human existence from a Heavenly one then it is fundamental that we find a creative outlet here.  In creation we find the Divine.  In creation we return to Paradise.  In Creation we are one with the ONE.  Some of you may say you have no talent or interest in hobbies or art or music.  You have some creative talent even if it is used for making money or friends or spreading love and compassion in the world.  Let the CREATIVE force of the Universe flow through you and find your path to the DIVINE.
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Growing our inventory

Crooked Creek Crafts is working hard to grow our inventory of beautiful handmade goods.  Well Cindy is working hard on it.  I have been working
hard on two jobs and moving and downsizing and selling furniture and uploading all the photos of all the wonderful things Cindy is making.  Cindy
I’m kind of jealous.  Well, we are moving into our new downsized Condo this weekend and then finishing up the clean up at the old place this next
week, so I will soon be able to start contributing product to our gallery.  Oh, and thank God only one job now, well except for my annual board
meeting for Anna Maria Beach Cottages Condo Association.  Then life will hopefully settle down to a nice Southern pace of serene and gentle days
and nights.  We love you all, so keep checking back for more products.  Don’t forget to go to www.crookedcreekcrafts.etsy.com to order. 
Sherrill Rairigh and Cindy Miller
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Crooked Creek Crafts Opens for Business

Cindy and I love doing crafts.  Cindy is especially good with Crochet and Rag Rugs and great country cooking and beautiful singing.  I Crochet, Knit, Cook, Bake, Sew and other arts.   We have this idea of having a crafts business called Crooked Creek Crafts.  So soon we will be building our website to sell our wares and recipes and share our ideas.  We hope you will join us and consign to sell your arts and crafts with us.  We will update this blog when our website is ready for launch.


Sherri Rairigh

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